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Plasma is a very effective 

Plasma is a natural component of blood. Plasma is rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients that hair and skin need, and we can replace it in this way directly and in a more concentrated way.

The doctor draws a sample of the patient's blood about 5 cm, adds some anticoagulants to it, then puts it in a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood from each other and extracts the clear plasma to be injected again.


What are the benefits of plasma?

Benefits of plasma for the face

  • Stimulates tissues affected by treatment

  • Regenerates collagen

  • Restores freshness and smoothness to the skin

  • Works to unify skin tone

  • Reduces dullness and dryness of the skin

  • Plasma may be used to supply and beautify the lips


Benefits of plasma for hair

The doctor injects plasma into the scalp to revitalize the blood circulation to the follicles and deliver vitamins, minerals and important nutrients to the hair.


  • Reduces hair loss and increases its density

  • Restores luster to hair

  • Reduces dryness and frizziness of hair

  • After hair transplant operations to stimulate new hair growth

  • In places of scars or spaces in the head, such as alopecia

  • To prolong hair and accelerate its growth


Plasma usually requires several sessions to show the result determined by the doctor.

 For example, the skin plasma may notice some improvement after the first session, and as the sessions continue, the result appears better.

As for the hair plasma, it may take some time, for example, after the third or fourth session, until you notice the growth of new hair.

rich plasma

Plasma is a very effective and safe cosmetic procedure, which has become so popular around the world in recent years that it is almost found in all beauty centers around the world.

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