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hair transplant

but hair transplantation in Turkey has become popular among women as well, whether to treat some spaces in the hair or increase hair intensity after discovering techniques for hair transplant without shaving.


When using the correct technique professionally, about 4000 hair follicles can be transplanted at a time, and only the doctor can determine the type of hair transplantation technique which is suitable for you


Whether it is FUE hair transplantation, Nano-FUE hair transplantation, or even Choi pens, Perkutan or even Sapphire hair transplantation technique (currently the most popular and most effective technique in Turkey


You might say to yourself now:  All this is good and I really want to do a hair transplant, but I cannot choose the best center with the best price without exaggeration at the same time


There are many factors that determine the price of hair transplantation in istanbul including


 The number of follicles to be transplanted

 The type of technology used

 The doctor's efficiency  and the reputation of the medical center

 Will you be provided by the hotel, transportation, program and translator during your stay, or are you residing in Turkey


Do not worry; Leave all matters to us and make sure that you are in the safe hands whose first goal is to please you only, Just occupy your mind with  the positive result of the operation and its impact on your look and appearance and how you will look younger and more youthful after the hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplantation 

It is no longer limited to men to treat baldness, whether total or partial baldness, but hair transplantation in Turkey...

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